Big Green Monster Co. -  Ultimate Indoor Plant Food

Big Green Monster Co. - Ultimate Indoor Plant Food

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Big Green Monster Co. four advanced natural fertilisers with special benefits for each season. Makes up to 400 Litres.

Formulated with specific benefits for each season. It’s a breakthrough in plant health.

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food is easy to use. Just add 1 mL per litre of water to your watering can and water like usual. This pack makes up to 400 L of fertiliser – enough for even the wildest indoor jungle.

4 x 100 mL Seasonal Fertilisers (NET 400 mL)
1 x Measuring Device
1 x Instruction Card

At Big Green Monster Co, we’re all about plant health. We believe indoor plants are invaluable; they add life and colour to our homes, filter the air and improve our mental health.

Developed in Australia and building on over 20 years' research in global organic farming, we have created the world’s most advanced houseplant fertiliser. 

‘The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food’ makes state-of-the-art agriculture technologies, previously reserved for large-scale organic farming, available to all. Whether you're a passionate expert or a budding newbie, we’re here to help you grow thriving plants and revolutionise the urban gardening experience.