Creating The Perfect Pot Cluster

Do you have a spot in your home that needs a spruce up? Add some greenery and texture by installing a pot cluster into your home, balcony, or garden to create a lush atmosphere. Selecting pots and plants can be overwhelming, so where to start? Follow along to see how to create the perfect pot cluster. 

How many pots?

While an even number creates symmetry, odd numbers spark interest by capturing our gaze and encouraging our eyes to flow around the cluster and throughout the room. While adding any number of pots and plants makes a difference to your home, a trio is considered the ideal number for pot clusters - Combining a small, medium, and large pot creates a staggered look to flaunt each pot and plant.

What pots?

When selecting your pots, consider your space. Do you want to create contrast with a darker colour or stick with clean, bright white? Do you want smooth or textured? Your pots will add the finishing touch to your home.

What plants?

You can experiment with different heights, foliage textures and colours to add some contrast to your cluster. For example, choose a tall feature plant for your largest pot, followed with a smaller plant for the medium pot, and a trailing plant for the small pot.

Below are some examples, however the combinations are limitless! Pop in or reach out for some inspiration or to discuss what plants will thrive in your space.