How is your home heating affecting your plants?

The cold weather has us cranking up the heat at home, but how do our plants feel? While increasing the heating around our home keeps us humans happy, our plants may start to show signs of distress. Here’s some tips to keep your plants healthy through the colder months.

Keep plants out of draughty areas
This includes draughts from heating systems and positions near doors or open windows. Plants are sensitive to extreme temperatures and changes, and can be affected by heating vents, fireplaces and radiators. Signs your plants aren’t happy because of heating or draughts include drooping or wilting and discoloured or browning leaves.

Increase humidity
Cranking our heating systems reduces air moisture in our homes and as most indoor plants tend to be tropical plants, this creates an undesirable environment. Tips to increase humidity in our homes are grouping plants, using a humidifier or a hand mister and using pebble trays beneath your plants.

Watch out for bugs!
While pests like mealybugs and aphids don’t generally survive cooler environments, increasing heating in our homes creates the perfect atmosphere for these critters to thrive. Unsure of what mealybugs look like or how to get rid of them? Nick explains below.

While home heating creates the perfect environment for us, keep a careful eye on your plant pals and try these tips to ensure they are happy throughout the colder months. Stay warm and happy misting!