How do plants positively impact our health?

Plants liven up your home, but what other benefits come with their aesthetic appearance?

With the rise of working from home, people are spending more time indoors increasing the importance of creating a soothing and healthy space. Adding just one plant into your home will aid in purifying and cleaning the air, removing common pollutants and improving your overall wellbeing.

Indoor environments can become affected by outdoor air pollutantssuch as smoke and transport emissions, and commonly used household products containing chemicalsPoor air quality can lead to headaches, loss of concentration and irritation, also termed as “sick building syndrome”Luckily, plants are an excellent way to clean our air of toxins and boost our mood.

Studies such as NASA Clean Air Study published in 1989 have found that whilst plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they also remove pollutants and chemicals, like Benzene, through their leavesroots and soil.

Plants such as the Mother In Laws Tongue, PeaceLily, and Devil’s Ivy were identified to be some of the best when it comes to purifying the air of toxins in our homes. Supporting a faster recovery from illness, reducing discomfort symptoms, improving work performanceconcentration, and overall productivity. Including other more therapeutic values such as reducing tension and anxiety while increasing calmness and comfort.

By adding a little or a lot of nature into your home, you can enrich your environment visually and experience the additional health benefits for yourself. What's not to love!