Winter Plant Care Tips

Winter is here – how should your care routine change for your plants?

Winter is the easiest time of year to overwater and deprive your plants of light as it brings about shorter days and colder weather. So how should you change your plant care routine? Read on for some winter plant care tips to keep your plants happy.

Water: As the days are now cooler, your plants will become dormant and use less water. Ensure your watering reflects this by using less water and extending the time in between watering. Be sure to test the soil with your finger down to your knuckle before watering. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before even thinking about giving your plant more water. Ensure to check the water isn’t too cold as this can shock your plants. If the soil hasn’t dried out enough, mist your plant instead.
Light and temperature: The days are shorter, meaning plants receive less light throughout the day. Ensure your plants are receiving enough light by moving them closer to windows but be wary of draughts: plants dislike cold or hot draughts. If you use a heater through winter, reflect on where else you can keep your plants. Help your plants to receive more light by wiping away any dust and keeping foliage clean.
Maintain humidity: The use of heating dries out the air in our homes. As most indoors plants are from tropical origins, this can cause leaves to become brown, plants to become stressed and become susceptible to pests. Ensure to continue misting the foliage to increase humidity. As an added preventative, use neem oil in your mister to treat and prevent pest infestations.

Remember overwatering is the number one killer of indoor plants. Browning and dropped leaves can both indicate overwatering. If you aren’t sure, pick up your plant and feel the weight of the pot. Is it heavy? It may still have plenty of water in the soil. Is it light? Double check the soil with a quick finger test to make sure it needs a drink before watering it.

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