Giving Soil Microbes a Boost Before Winter

Autumn has arrived, what does this mean for your plant’s growth and health? While growth will start to slow as cooler months set in, you can give your plants a helping hand by introducing organic fertilisers and soil conditioners.

Organic fertilisers are naturally produced and made from animal or vegetable matter with no artificial or synthetic materials. They contain beneficial soil microbes that form a symbiotic relationship with the plant by enhancing nutrient uptake, regulating phytohormones (chemicals responsible for growth and development) and increasing plant tolerance against stresses.

Soil microbes
provide long term benefits to your soil and plant health, producing strong plant growth, decreasing pest and diseases susceptibility, and increasing fruit and flower quality.

Organic fertilisers also contain many trace elements along with essential nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. Opting for products such as OCP Eco-Aminogro or Ocean 2 Earth Fish Compost, both derived from recycled marine sources, will contain these helpful microbes to give your plants a boost before winter.