How to Keep Your Plants Thriving in Autumn

With the onset of Autumn, our plants will begin to slow down their growth anticipating darker, shorter days and cooler temperatures. It is also a period that can make plants more vulnerable to certain pest and disease.

Our top 4 care tips to keep your plants thriving are:

Decrease Watering: Plants will use less water during the cooler months, water only as needed and when the surface of the soil is dry. To test if watering is required, stick your finger in the soil. If the surface is damp 2 cm from the top give your weekly water a miss and check in again in a few days or a weeks time.

Check for Pest and Disease: Pests such as fungus gnats thrive in damp soil. Apply an organic disease management treatment such as eco-neem to drench the soil and eliminate larvae. A repeat application may be required as adult fungus gnats live for several days and may lay new eggs into the soil. Allow your plants to dry out as fungus gnats need moist conditions to survive. 

Follow the sun: Morning light or bright, indirect filtered light is best for indoor plants. With the sun following a different path in cooler months or shining less during the day, check your plants are getting enough light to keep them fully charged. Sunlight is the fuel plants need to produce the nutrients allowing them to grow.

Leaf massage: To really maximise your plant health wipe down your plant leaves with a damp cloth and for preventative pest and disease control add in eco-neem oil. Wiping down your plant leaves will also allow your plants to take in more sunlight, ultimately making them more green.

The above tips can also be used to address common issues such as dropping or browning of leaves. The balance of water and light are crucial to create thriving plants. 

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