Our Story

Plant Culture is a horticulture led plant and nursery business located in Milton on the NSW South Coast.

Born from a love of greenery and sharing the good vibes plants bring, at Plant Culture we love plants and sharing our horticulture knowledge with others. Our goal is to provide quality plants and advice that make owning indoor plants or getting into the garden more approachable. We believe plants not only give us clean air but make us happier humans. 

With sustainability in mind we think it’s important to care for our green friends in ways that are environmentally friendly as possible, our go to fertilisers and plant care are organic options.  

Drawing on our 25 plus years of combined experience across landscape maintenance, nurseries, plant installation and plant care products, we offer up full range of plant services from buying plants and plant care solutions, plant hire, plant sourcing and plant & garden installations. 

Visit us in store and nursery yard to view our range of indoor and outdoor plants, pots and plant care solutions or to have a chat about all things horticultural.